KILLER APHRODITE: "This One Time is written A-chronologically in places, where Jacob Lynch is transported to and fro in his memories, which makes for intriguing reading. What’s more, This One Time is very now as far as modern horror is concerned, preying on the reader’s fears in regards to the social and moral problems associated with an online presence. Social networking mixed with advertising; commercialism blended with capitalist agendas – these elements creates a relevant thriller/horror novel that’ll keep you turning the pages.  Read the whole review here.


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AMY BOUWER: "Alex van Tonder’s debut novel is exciting, unexpected and undeniably crazy – much like her psychotic bride-to-be-on-the-loose, Alicia. I experienced so many conflicting thoughts and emotions that by the time I finally closed the book I had to sit back for a little while and take about five or six deep, deep breaths. Jacob is simultaneously infuriating – I wanted to kill him for about 95% of the novel, or at least give him a serious lecture on basic human decency and how not to destroy other people’s lives – and frustratingly likeable. I was startled that at some points, I actually didn’t want Alicia to mutilate him, and hoped he’d be able to find his way back home somehow. I think that exposes some really good writing – the way in which van Tonder was able to completely expose a “Professional Douchebag” (to use her own words) of a man, and yet still invoke sympathy for him in her readers is quite phenomenal..." Read the whole review here


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AMANDA PATTERSON: "If you think the book sounds like Stephen King’s Misery, it is and it isn’t. There are so many twists in this nightmare that you’re not sure what to believe. 
This One Time brings into sharp focus the issues of privacy in the age of the Internet, the effects of social media on society, the power of bloggers, the manipulation by advertisers, mob rule mentality and the pursuit of profit at any price." Read the full review on Goodreads


ZOE WELLS: "The relevance of the different characters need for fame and success however is what initially hooked me in the beginning of the novel. Let me tell you some people would do just about anything to get their 15 minutes of fame and with social media making so many people's dreams come true it was fascinating reading a book that basically attacked that part of modern society. It inadvertently made me question whether or not the end really does justify the means and I personally think that if more people were to read this book they would ask themselves the same thing." Read the whole review on Goodreads