Much-maligned blogger Jacob Lynch aka Brodie Lomax has been called many things: Professional Douchebag, the King of Fratire, Tabloid Maverick, Mr Misogyny, Revenge-Porn Romeo, that Sex-Tape Guy and Assholepreneur. And now he can add Multi-Millionaire to that list. With the renewal of his reality TV show as well as his seven-figure book deal, life is good for New York’s most notorious blogger. But he’s suffering from a serious bout of writer’s block, and the distractions of endless parties, drugs and meaningless sex are not helping. Trapped within his life of excess, he is teetering on the edge, the next stop: rehab. So Jacob flees the city for an isolated hunting lodge in Alaska where he can focus on getting his manuscript done, once and for all. When the mysterious Alicia unexpectedly emerges from the icy landscape, he knows he shouldn’t invite her in, but pretty young things have always been his greatest weakness. The next day Jacob wakes up chained to a bed, and soon realises he is no longer in control...



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NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR'S #INSPIRATION FILES: While researching and gathering inspiration for the This One Time I collected images, ideas, scenes and quotes that evoked feelings or emotions I felt resonated with the characters, their motivations, the plot and the setting. Jacob - chained to a bed and faced with himself, with no phone or internet to distract him from himself - has to face some hard truths... Finish Reading